10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India 2017

10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs from Indian Startup Eco-System
Successful Women Entrepreneurs – Being successful in life is everybody’s goal. You feel that you succeed when you have achieved
your dreams. There are many icons that are examples in terms of success. Most are men,
successful businessmen. But women also hold great positions on that list. There are many
Successful Women Entrepreneurs who topped as successful in their career and in entrepreneurship.

Here are the 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs:

1. Aditi Gupta
She is the founder of the famous website in India, Menstrupedia.com. This
venture came out due to her personal life experiences. She used to have menstrual problems
that were quite disturbing for her. After finding out many women have the similar experience as
her, she decided to make the website and make comics with illustrations, educating women on
menstruation. This venture has become very useful to women in India. She helped women
understand the proper hygiene especially when a menstruation comes and not tolerating
taboos. She is really one of a kind.
2. Anisha Singh
She has gone through many ups and downs in life before she was able to
find her successor. She is the co-founder of India’s biggest marketing platform, Mydala. Her long
journey started when she worked on Capitol Hill, helping entrepreneurs. After that, she worked
for a software company in Boston, designing e-learning ecosystems. Later, she launched
Mydala and gained her success. She is known for being supportive of women. She always
speaks her mind and has the courage to face her fears.
3. Ankita Gaba
Known for being excellent in multitasking, this woman is a consultant,
lecturer, entrepreneur and a media strategist. She co-founded Socialsamosa.com. She started
her career in a Public Relations Industry for celebrities and movies. Socialsamosa has become
famous for many for they are able to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and dialogues.
4. Ashwini Asokan
She struggled for her success with her husband by her side. She started it
when she led the mobile innovation team in Silicon Valley that made her interested in artificial
intelligence. After that, they built up their success together by creating Mad Street Den, it is a
platform that uses artificial intelligence and enables users to capture smiles, detect facial
expressions and emotions in their smartphone cameras.
5. Chitra Gurnan iDaga
She and her husband Abhishek created Thrillophilia. This is their
passion from the very start. Thrillophilia is a travel company that provides best local
experiences and makes the customers really enjoy the fun. Her inspiration is to make the
people of India be aware of the beauty of their beloved country.
6. Debadutta Upadhyaya
She is another Successful Women EntrepreneursSuccessful Women Entrepreneurs in India. She never stops, even in
failure. In fact, she always finds a solution to every problem. She founded Timesaverz.com, an
online portal that helps people find solutions to their handyman problems at home. These portal
assists homemakers solve the home repair problems.
7. Gurleen Kaur
She is also one of the Successful Women Entrepreneurs. She is the CEO of Hareepatti. Hareepatti is a film
on financial advisory, giving customers financial wisdom. Her being good in English enables her
to attain financial literacy.
8. Jaya Jha
This is another Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India. She is very experienced about
software. Having experienced it made her create InstaScribe and Pothi.com. These platforms
enable users to create their own eBooks and print their own books.
9. Neeru Sharma
She is the co-founder of Infibeam.com, India’s leading e-commerce portal.
This is a photo printing website that let users enjoy. She is really successful Women Entrepreneurs who was
able to conduct market research and financial diligence for investments.
10. Neha Behani
She is a dazzling pretty woman. She is a Successful Women Entrepreneurs and co-
founder of Moojic. Her past was not easy. She encountered a lot of failures but has learned to
rise again and shine. Moojic is like a radio or jukebox in restaurants or cafes. It allows
customers to alter and customize playlists according to what they want to listen.
Such inspiring Successful Women Entrepreneurs in the world of business are what the country needs. These are the
Successful Women Entrepreneurs everyone should be proud of and follow.

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